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Thornbridge – Jaipur

Brewery –          Thornbridge

Beer –                 Jaipur

Alcohol –          5.9%

Origin –             Bakewell, Derbyshire

Style –               IPA

Season –          Summer

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this beer; this is one of my favourite beers of all time, and I am going to lavish it with all the pomp and ceremony it deserves;

What a beer! A beautifuly IPA, with a clean white head, and a wonderful golden colouring.

Bags of Fruit, and floral notes on the nose, fruity watermelon on the palate.

With it’s higher alcohol content than a lot of golden IPA’s Jaipur is able to deliver intense fruity flavours whilst remaining easy drinking and this makes it, dare I say it a dangerous session ale.

Hence, why people use the term ‘Jaipured’ to describe being intoxicated off a few of these, and Jaipoorly to describe how they feel the next day!

A firm favourite of mine and if you haven’t tried it already I would suggest you get on it!


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Brewery –          Red Willow

Beer –                  Heartless (Chocolate Stout)

Alcohol –           4.9%

Origin –              Macclesfield, England

Style –               Chocolate Stout

Season –            Winter


When I first saw this beer in the Pied-Bull in Chester, the bar man told me that this wold not be ‘as chocolatey as I expect’.

Clearly this guy had not tried the beer because it surpassed my expectations and then some.

Most ‘Chocolate Stouts’ have a solid coffee backbone but this was extremely smooth, a slight bitterness from the chocolate, but incredibly easy drinking.

Silky velvety black, with a tan head, it tastes like a chocolate fudge cake, with lashings of double cream,

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