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Derwent – W& M Mild

Brewery –          Derwent Brewery

Beer –                  W & M Mild

Alcohol –          3.7%

Origin –             Wigton, Cumbria

Style –               Mild

Season –           Winter

I’ve got to say that over the past few months I’ve become a big fan of Mild’s. Mild’s have a bad reputation as being boring, lacking flavour, and for being a staple of the Northern local boozer.

However, Mild’s are seeing a bit of a resurgence, and for good reasons!

This beer is a deep ruby red in colour with a smooth creamy white head.

Full of flavour, it has a deep nutty character. Hazelnut and Brazil nut flavours make it a right winter warmer and beautifully moreish.

Great for long sessions in the pub, best served in front of a warm cosy fire!

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Phoenix – Massacre

Brewery –          Phoenix Brewery

Beer –                  Massacre

Alchohol –        4.5%

Origin –             Heywood, Lancashire

Style –               Golden Ale

Season –           Spring / Summer

I strongly suggest that you get Massacred! Tried this in the Bear & Billet in Chester after a few beers, and whilst beer seems to get better the more you have, this truly blew my mind.

Golden, creamy, and a rich virbrant colouring, much like Batemans – Combined Harvest, this beer has honey sweet, and jammy / marmalade notes.

Wonderfully moorish and suprisingly easy drinking for a beer with such robust sweet flavours.


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