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Erdinger – Weissbier

Brewery –          Erdinger

Beer –              Weissbier

Alcohol –          5.3%

Origin –            Erding, Germany

Style –             Wheat Beer

Season –         Summer

Wheat Beers always look mouthwateringly drinkable and this is no exception. Pale, Cloudy, and lively with a voluptous bold white head.

Sweet and Orangey on the nose but not as floral or citrusy as other continental and American wheat beers; it’s flavour is more subtle and understated.

It’s styled more like a cider, airy with a white wine zestiness and a dry crisp finish.


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Brewery –          Thwaites

Beer –               Indus IPA

Alcohol –          4.6%

Origin –            Lancashire, England

Style –             IPA

Season –         Spring

A great example of a classic IPA. Golden Honey coloured with a white head.

Whilst it’s a little non-descript on the nose, the deeply satisfying hoppy taste easily makes up for this.

It’s incredibly well balanced, easy drinking, thirst quenching and very quaffable. A great session ale with a long bitter sweet finish.

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Brewery –          Thwaites

Beer –               Old Dan

Alcohol –           7.4%

Origin –             Lancashire, England

Style –              Strong Ale

Season –           Autumn / Winter

This beer certainly is a powerhouse… Strong, Sumptuous, Full and Flavoursome.

Beautifully Reddish Amber colouring, punchy, malty, and syrupy nose.

Deep complex and satisying full of malty, treacle toffee notes. Rubust with a sickly sweet fruit cake base and a long Sweet indulgent finish

This is certainly a beer to savour. Crammed with fruity and malty flavours at 7.4% it’s a one a night beer.

A great example of just how much flavour you can fit in a bottle.


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