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Brewery –          Ilkley

Beer –                 Lotus IPA

Alcohol –         5.6%

Origin –            Ilkley, Yorkshire

Style –              IPA

Season –         Spring / Summer

If you like Thornbridge’s Jaipur you will love this. This is one of Ilkley Brewery’s Seasonal ales and by gum it’s good!

Light, Golden, Lively, lager like in appearance. Light Zesty, Peachy, and floral on the nose.

Lashings of Tropical fruit notes on the tongue, with hints of sweet fresh pineapple, and a strong, surprisingly bitter finish.

Strong contender to the Jaipur crown… Wish it has available all year round!


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Brewery –          Hawkshead

Beer –                  Brodie’s Prime

Alcohol –           4.9%

Origin –              Staveley, Cumbria

Style –                Stout

Season –            Winter

You can’t beat Hawkshead for providing good quality, great tasting, and full flavoured beers and Brodie’s Prime is one of their best.

I first encountered Brodies Prime at Harkers Arms in Chester and was rather tipsy when I tried it. It was the bottom of the barrel and I should have been able to tell that, but being a bit sozzled I condemned it as being a rather poor ale and a bit sour.

Hmmm… I think I may have got that a bit wrong. Having tried it since I’ve revised my opinion!

Deep Ruby black, rich and thick with a lively creamy head.

Almost herbal on the nose, it has hints of sarsaparilla, and cough candy on the tongue. It is beautifully fruity and slightly medicinal (I certainly recommend 1 a day), and leads to a sweet tangy finish.

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Brewery –           Brakspear

Beer –                  Triple

Alcohol –          7.2%

Origin –             Witney, Oxfordshire

Style –                Copper Ale

Season –            Autumn / Winter

Don’t be put off by the beers high alcohol content. Certainly not a session ale but full of vibrant flavours, it has a rich and bright copper colour, with a white creamy head.

A hint of banana’s on the nose, with a smooth and creamy mouth feel, but beefed up by a punchy alcohol kick.

Chunky, Flavoursome, Powerful, with hints of liquorice on the palate, with sweet malty biscuity undertones.

Savour the long delicious, digestive biscuit malty finish.

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Brewery –          Harviestoun

Beer –               Schiehallion

Alcohol –           4.8%

Origin –             Hillfoots Village, Scotland

Style –              Cask Lager

Season –          Summer

I’m a big fan of cask lagers, and this is one of the first and best available.

Bright golden, and inviting, with a creamy white head.

Light, floral, fresh, with the smell of cut grass.

A smooth mouthfeel, wonderfully refreshing, with hints of grapefruit, and tropical fruits, zesty, leading to a bitter sweet finish.

Perfect for drinking on a cool summers night. A great compliment to a BBQ.


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Brewery –          Dent Brewery

Beer –                Tow’d Up

Alcohol –          6%

Origin –            Dentdale, Cumbria

Style –             Stout

Season –         Winter

A beautiful black smooth stout with a fluffy cappucino head.

Roasted malt on the nose, with slight metallic like notes. Full of rich treacle, fruit cake and toffee flavours with a solid malty backbone.

The finish is creamy and buttery leaving a lingering buttered toast taste in the mouth.

Warming, rich, and silky.


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Brewery –          Bristol Beer Factory

Beer –               Southville Hop

Alcohol –           6.5%

Origin –             Bristol, Avon

Season –           Spring

Style –              Golden Ale

Wow, what a looker! Orange and luminous in appearance, with an almost mottled metallic look with a thick cloud like head.

Hoppy and tangy on the nose, with a beautifully crisp and hoppy taste, with grapefruity notes, and a zingy mouthfeel. Slightly metallic earthy tones give way to an exceptionally bitter finish.

A real must for the hophead!

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Erdinger – Weissbier

Brewery –          Erdinger

Beer –              Weissbier

Alcohol –          5.3%

Origin –            Erding, Germany

Style –             Wheat Beer

Season –         Summer

Wheat Beers always look mouthwateringly drinkable and this is no exception. Pale, Cloudy, and lively with a voluptous bold white head.

Sweet and Orangey on the nose but not as floral or citrusy as other continental and American wheat beers; it’s flavour is more subtle and understated.

It’s styled more like a cider, airy with a white wine zestiness and a dry crisp finish.

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Brewery –          Thwaites

Beer –               Indus IPA

Alcohol –          4.6%

Origin –            Lancashire, England

Style –             IPA

Season –         Spring

A great example of a classic IPA. Golden Honey coloured with a white head.

Whilst it’s a little non-descript on the nose, the deeply satisfying hoppy taste easily makes up for this.

It’s incredibly well balanced, easy drinking, thirst quenching and very quaffable. A great session ale with a long bitter sweet finish.

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Brewery –          Thwaites

Beer –               Old Dan

Alcohol –           7.4%

Origin –             Lancashire, England

Style –              Strong Ale

Season –           Autumn / Winter

This beer certainly is a powerhouse… Strong, Sumptuous, Full and Flavoursome.

Beautifully Reddish Amber colouring, punchy, malty, and syrupy nose.

Deep complex and satisying full of malty, treacle toffee notes. Rubust with a sickly sweet fruit cake base and a long Sweet indulgent finish

This is certainly a beer to savour. Crammed with fruity and malty flavours at 7.4% it’s a one a night beer.

A great example of just how much flavour you can fit in a bottle.


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