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Blue Ball – Oor Bonnie

Brewery –          BlueBall Brewery         

Beer –                 Oor Bonnie

Alcohol –          5.0%

Origin –             Runcorn, Cheshire

Style –               Scottish 80 Shilling

Please be aware that this is a review of the bottled Oor Bonnie and will therefore differ from the cask due to the higher ABV and the conditioning of the ale.

Having tried the Eine Kleine Kolsch last week I thought I’d see what other delights BlueBall brewery had to offer. I was looking to get Spanked at Chester Beer & Wine (get a bottle of Spank beer, another BlueBall ale) but they did not have any in so I thought I’d give this a go.

The brew is a deep, robust, and vibrant red, with a soft white head.

Tangy and sweet on the nose


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Brewery –          Brains

Beer –               The Reverend James

Alcohol –           4.5%

Origin –             Cardiff, Wales

Style –               Copper Ale

Season –            Autumn

The venerable Revvy James, another solid performance from Brains.

A wonderfully coloured, rich burnt orange, glowing brightly with an off white halo.

Sarsaparilla on the nose; sweet and slightly medicinal.

It has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, silky on the palate with notes of butterscotch maltiness, held in place by an underlying hop character.

The finish is sweet and moreish but a slight tanginess leaves you gasping for the next swig.

A great beer, softer and lighter than the Brains SA  but just as well put together.

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