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Brewery –          Harviestoun

Beer –               Schiehallion

Alcohol –           4.8%

Origin –             Hillfoots Village, Scotland

Style –              Cask Lager

Season –          Summer

I’m a big fan of cask lagers, and this is one of the first and best available.

Bright golden, and inviting, with a creamy white head.

Light, floral, fresh, with the smell of cut grass.

A smooth mouthfeel, wonderfully refreshing, with hints of grapefruit, and tropical fruits, zesty, leading to a bitter sweet finish.

Perfect for drinking on a cool summers night. A great compliment to a BBQ.



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Brewery –          Hopback

Beer –                  Taiphoon

Alcohol –           4.2%

Origin –               Salisbury, Wiltshere

Style –                 Blonde Beer

Season –             Summer

Clean, Crisp, Light and Refreshing.

This is a great example of a Summer ale. Much the same as its big brother at Hopback; Summer Lightening, this has a wonderfully light flavour making it superbly easy drinking.

Its Lemongrass notes give it a floral nose, and a subtle citrusy flavour with a surprisingly bitter finish.


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Thornbridge – Jaipur

Brewery –          Thornbridge

Beer –                 Jaipur

Alcohol –          5.9%

Origin –             Bakewell, Derbyshire

Style –               IPA

Season –          Summer

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this beer; this is one of my favourite beers of all time, and I am going to lavish it with all the pomp and ceremony it deserves;

What a beer! A beautifuly IPA, with a clean white head, and a wonderful golden colouring.

Bags of Fruit, and floral notes on the nose, fruity watermelon on the palate.

With it’s higher alcohol content than a lot of golden IPA’s Jaipur is able to deliver intense fruity flavours whilst remaining easy drinking and this makes it, dare I say it a dangerous session ale.

Hence, why people use the term ‘Jaipured’ to describe being intoxicated off a few of these, and Jaipoorly to describe how they feel the next day!

A firm favourite of mine and if you haven’t tried it already I would suggest you get on it!

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Brewery –          G. Schneider & Sohn

Beer –                Schneider Weisse

Alcohol –           5.4%

Origin –            Kelheim, Germany

Style –              Wheat Beer

Season –          Summer

A wonderfully smooth German Wheat Beer, golden and cloudy. Floral and light on the nose, it is smooth and silky on the palate with a hint of bananas and bubble gum and a light fruitiness throughout.

An easy drinking, exciting ale, full of fruity fun flavours. American style IPA’s have attempted to copy the beautifully soft sweet taste but have not mastered the fruity finish. A real must try!

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Brakspear Bitter

Brewery –          Brakspear

Beer –                 ‘Double Dropped’ Bitter

Alcohol –            3.4%

Origin –              Oxfordshire, England

Style –                Classic Bitter

Season –            Autumn / Winter

Brakspear Bitter is a classic bitter with a dark amber colouring and a creamy off white head.

3.4% Vol make it a quaffable session ale, but it has a lot of complexity for its low strenght.

Fruity and floral on the nose, it has a hoppy underlying quality, that leads to a long and bitter finish.

I’m a big fan of this bitter.

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