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Brewery –          Saltaire

Beer –                  Hazlenut Coffee Porter

Alcohol –          4.6%

Origin –              Shipley, West Yorkshire

Style –                Porter

Season –            Winter

If that name doesn’t temp you then I sure hope this write up does!

Dark Brown with a reddish tint, and a foamy creamy tan head, it has a sweet hazlenut nose, with a beautifully luxurious, silky texture.

The ‘coffee’ in the name is slightly misleading as the coffee taste is consigned to the background, whilst vanilla, and nutty notes burst on the palate.

It’s quite heavy going due to the strong flavours, but despite the creamy taste, it has a suprisingly dry finish which leaves you looking forward to the next gulp!

Don’t expect to be able to sink a few of these but I reckon you loosen your belt, put on your Christmas jumper and glug down this sumptuous ale.



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Derwent – W& M Mild

Brewery –          Derwent Brewery

Beer –                  W & M Mild

Alcohol –          3.7%

Origin –             Wigton, Cumbria

Style –               Mild

Season –           Winter

I’ve got to say that over the past few months I’ve become a big fan of Mild’s. Mild’s have a bad reputation as being boring, lacking flavour, and for being a staple of the Northern local boozer.

However, Mild’s are seeing a bit of a resurgence, and for good reasons!

This beer is a deep ruby red in colour with a smooth creamy white head.

Full of flavour, it has a deep nutty character. Hazelnut and Brazil nut flavours make it a right winter warmer and beautifully moreish.

Great for long sessions in the pub, best served in front of a warm cosy fire!

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