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Brewery –          Hawkshead

Beer –                  Brodie’s Prime

Alcohol –           4.9%

Origin –              Staveley, Cumbria

Style –                Stout

Season –            Winter

You can’t beat Hawkshead for providing good quality, great tasting, and full flavoured beers and Brodie’s Prime is one of their best.

I first encountered Brodies Prime at Harkers Arms in Chester and was rather tipsy when I tried it. It was the bottom of the barrel and I should have been able to tell that, but being a bit sozzled I condemned it as being a rather poor ale and a bit sour.

Hmmm… I think I may have got that a bit wrong. Having tried it since I’ve revised my opinion!

Deep Ruby black, rich and thick with a lively creamy head.

Almost herbal on the nose, it has hints of sarsaparilla, and cough candy on the tongue. It is beautifully fruity and slightly medicinal (I certainly recommend 1 a day), and leads to a sweet tangy finish.

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Brewery –          Hambleton Ales

Beer –                 Nightmare

Alcohol –         5.0%

Origin –            Melmerby, North Yorkshire

Style –             Stout

Season –         Winter

A plenty of clout stout!

This is a deep ruby black stout, with a frothy tan head.

Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet liquorice and strong coffee aromas, with some delicate chocolate malts giving it a sweet bouquet.

Malty, Chocolatey, Caramel notes make it robust, thick, and flavoursome, and it has a lingering bitter chocoalte finish.

Wouldn’t describe this as a nightmare, it’s more of a wet dream!

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Brewery –          Coach House

Beer –                  Gun Powder Mild

Alcohol –           3.8%

Origin –              Warrington, Cheshire

Style –                Mild

Season –            Autumn / Winter

Another stunningly good mild!

A beautifully deep dark red brew, with a foamy tan head, with a nose of liqourice, and treacle.

Packed full of blackcurrent flavours, this beer is incredibly moreish with more hints of treacle and liquorice with a sweet lengthy finish.


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Derwent – W& M Mild

Brewery –          Derwent Brewery

Beer –                  W & M Mild

Alcohol –          3.7%

Origin –             Wigton, Cumbria

Style –               Mild

Season –           Winter

I’ve got to say that over the past few months I’ve become a big fan of Mild’s. Mild’s have a bad reputation as being boring, lacking flavour, and for being a staple of the Northern local boozer.

However, Mild’s are seeing a bit of a resurgence, and for good reasons!

This beer is a deep ruby red in colour with a smooth creamy white head.

Full of flavour, it has a deep nutty character. Hazelnut and Brazil nut flavours make it a right winter warmer and beautifully moreish.

Great for long sessions in the pub, best served in front of a warm cosy fire!

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