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Brewery –           Hardknott

Beer –                  Code Black

Alcohol –           5.8%

Origin –               Millom, Cumbria

Style –                 Black IPA

Season –            Autumn

Black IPA’s seem to be the fashion statement of 2012! Hardknott, Thornbridge, BlueBall, Moor, Stone, Rogue are all at it, but Hardknott recognise the fad aspect of it and flaunt it in their own hilariously honest way.

Pitch Black and Silky; this ale is sexy! and to top it off, a frothy, foamy, and clinging head.

Chocolatey and Hoppy at the same time, the nose is strong, complex, and enticing.

I think you can class this as Jaipur’s Dark Side! Peach Passionfruit flavours are contrasted by toasted bbq smokiness, making this ale exciting, unusual and distinct.

The finish is buttery with further toasted notes and has an underlying bitter-sweetness.

At 5.8% this ale is dangerously drinkable, exciting, intense, and packed full of flavour. I cannot recommend you try this enough.





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Brewery –          Schlenkerla

Beer –                  Rauchbier

Alcohol –           5.1%

Origin –              Bamberg, Germany

Style –                Smoked Beer

Season –            Autumn

An acquired taste I believe, is the easiest way to describe the appeal of this beer. If you like hotdogs and you like drinking, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like drinking hotdogs!

Pours a deep dark, thick and  brown with a mature white head. Wood smoke and meaty on the nose initially the heaviness is off-putting, however the taste is less intense, smoother and the smokiness prevails over the meatiness, leaning towards barbecue flavours. The lingering smokey finish is beautifully satisfying and makes the brew surprisingly drinkable.

This beer wold go great with strong cheeses, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to drink a few of them as the taste gets a bit overwhelming.

Certainly an unusual style of beer, and the Schlenkerla is the smokiest of the ones I’ve tried.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.



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Brewery –          Thwaites

Beer –                  Tavern Porter

Alcohol –           4.7%

Origin –              Blackburn, Lancashire

Style –                Porter

Season –            Autumn / Winter

I love this beer as it tastes, smells and looks like an old fashioned, no nonsense brew. History and heritage written all over it. 

This beer is certainly not rounded or balanced, but that is part of its charms. It feels amateur, rough, earthy; it’s what you’d expect to find in a dark old smokey Victorian tavern and that’s what really makes this beer stand out from the rest.

Deep Inky Black with a suddy tan head, earthy and smokey on the nose.

The earthiness continues into the taste, with leathery notes (don’t let this put you off), as it’s smokiness continues to develop leading to a creamy solid bitter finish.

Great with a cigar, a slab of steak, and good company!

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